Sunday, April 24, 2005

Let the Fool be a Fool

Proverbs 26:4-5
Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes.

What? That is what I thought the first time I read this verse. I also thought that the second, third and forth time I read this verse. The more I tried to come up with an answer the more confused I was. You might have felt this way when you read this verse. The one thing I have learned about reading and understanding the Bible it is this, sometimes it takes an experience to happen in your life for you to understand. Sometimes we have to see things first hand. I had an experience recently which made this verse a little more clear to me.

I may have already told this story to you, but just bear with me while I explain to those who have not heard. As most of you know I have recently moved to a new house. As we all know when you move you meet new people. The first person I met introduced himself as Jr. Right after introducing himself he informed me, "I sucked". (I do not want anyone to be shocked or offended that I have used this word in my blog, I am just telling a story and I could not think of a word to replace it with.) After a week or two I found that Jr. likes to mouth off. We all have met at least one "big mouth", so you guys know what I am talking about. Jr. likes to lie, cheat, use dirty words, bad mouth people and acts like an all out punk. He even went as far to say,"Logan you are a wimp and could never fight me." (Why he brought this up I will never know.) recently he called my little sister "the B-word". At this point I was already sick and tired of the guy. Now I had the perfect excuse to show him I wasn't the wimp he thought I was. I was, for the first time in my life, ready to fight. Wanting to fight.

But then I thought about the verses above. I knew, obliviously, Jr. was a fool. But was I willing to become the fool? Would I just let him see himself as wise? What was the answer? Should I fight or not? Here was my decision.

Foolishness is something I decided to measure. I think the verses were trying to get us to measure foolishness. We can measure it on a scale from 1 to 10. Mouthing off, cussing, and lying could be 1-5. So we don't have to do anything lest we be the fool. I came to this conclusion because of this verse.

Proverbs 17:27-28
He who has knowledge spares his words, And a man of understanding is of a calm spirit. Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive

So if someone is being a fool in this way (mouthing off) we should just leave it. But what about the rest of the scale, 6-10? The things that go on this higher part of the scale are these. Physical fighting, if the fool hits you, a friend or a family member, and stealing. If someone hits you and you don't do anything then you will make the fool look wise in his own eyes. Or if the fool takes something that is yours and you know it and just let him go, then you are the fool. (I know that is really obvious, but I did that once because I did not want to be mean.)

This is my way of rating foolishness. The Bible does not give us this scale from 1-10 but I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. The story I was telling has not ended yet. But so far I have not fought Jr. If all he ever does is mouth off and brag he stays on the lower side of the scale and I will not do anything lest I be the fool. But if he goes to the higher side of the scale I will have to do something.

That is all I have for now but stay tuned for more of my brilliant insights. Right whatever. ;-)


Blogger DailyRoast said...

even a 6-10 fool can be answered with something other than fighting. outsmart him! how hard could it be? he's a fool.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:07:00 AM

Anonymous Logan said...

I understand that, but if someone hits me I will hit him back. If someone hits my sister I will hit the fool for her. But yeah there are other ways other than fighting. I guess it just depends on the situation.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 11:13:00 AM

Blogger Travis said...

Interesting problem that you are facing. What does you mom and dad advise?

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Monday, April 25, 2005 7:52:00 AM

Blogger Adrienne said...

It is so ironic that you should bring this up because during my first few weeks of blogging, I came across this very scripture verse and was very confused by it as well! I posted about it and Tim, Jake and maybe some others (i cant remember off of the top of my head)helped me figure it out a bit. U might wanna look @ it.? I don't know how to do those link things... so i cant show u the exact place. But anyhow -this 1-10 scale is some pretty interesting insight. I hope everything goes well with this Jr. kid and I'll be praying for you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 3:30:00 PM

Blogger Agent Tim said...

I will be responding to you my site traffic has gone from 50 hits yesterday to 7 I need to write something cool...stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 9:13:00 AM

Blogger Alex King said...

Hmmm... yes, if a person like that touched my sister I would have to (try to) hurt him - no question. That would simply be my job as her brother. On the other hand, I'm not totally sure what I would do if he was bugging me...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 6:31:00 PM


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